End-To-End ESG For The Real Estate Industry

An in-depth guide to understanding your data, integrating ESG across your portfolio, and implementing practical retrofits & sustainable construction practices.

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ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) isn’t a finite goal, checkbox, or end product, but provides a framework that can help stakeholders understand how an organization is managing risks and opportunities.

Simply put, proactive adoption and implementation of ESG is smart business.

The most successful businesses who engage with ESG treat it as a cycle: Identifying risks and opportunities - strategically committing to sustainable projects - measuring the success, risks and opportunities of those projects - and so on forever. This guide provides tangible steps to understand ESG data, then create strategies that tell your unique ESG story and attract investors.

This eBook was collaboratively created and published by Conservice and ESGPC.


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End to End ESG for the Real Estate Industry


What's Inside?

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Committing to ESG: The Basics

Determine the ESG metrics that matter + examples for the real estate industry

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The Right Thing. The Wrong Way.

Learn the tangible consequences of greenwashing + sourcing and implementing building materials

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ESG Roadmap

Plotting out ESG goals + budgeting + target recapitalization

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How to Tell Your ESG Story

Tell your story + attract investors + obtain trusted ESG certifications