The strategic value of ESG materiality assessments

The strategic value of ESG materiality assessments

A materiality assessment is the perfect tool to guide your ESG efforts.

Your stakeholders and investors are inquiring more and more frequently about what your organization is doing in regard to responsible investments, how you treat your employees and vendors, your dedication to sustainability initiatives, and other activities that fall under the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) umbrella. It’s essential to have answers to these questions.

An ESG materiality assessment empowers you to easily report on your current state and outline future initiatives while taking into consideration your business goals and risks. Complete this form to download our guide to creating and extracting the maximum strategic value from an ESG materiality assessment.

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What's inside?

  1. What is an ESG materiality assessment?
  2. Why you need a materiality assessment
  3. Trends in materiality & ESG
  4. Investor & stakeholder interest in ESG
  5. Who needs to be involved & when?
  6. Use cases & examples
ESG materiality assessments